My best of works are the following:

1. Other Me I and Other Me II (sculpture, semester 2)

2. The gravity of a line (sculpture, semester 1)

3. Changing the size (drawing, semester 2, from series of "Overcrowded")

4. My organic shapes (painting, semester 2, series)

5. My personal photography project with three different series: A walk in Cairo, Architecture, Driving in Cairo)

In the photos attached in this page there is 1 photo for each project of my best of as an example/reference.
You can find more information about the concept of each work in each section of my website for them. ego_jpeg_v3.png
Other Me I me 2_jpeg_v3.png
Other Me II (2)_v2.png
The gravity of a line
Changing the size Image 2020-02-26 at 11_24_34 AM_v2.png
Cairo photography project
My organic shapes