Being very influenced by my trip in Cairo and the amount of people everywhere in Cairo I decided to create a project based on the feeling of "overcrowded". These drawing are not based on the cultural characteristics of Cairo, but hey are more based on passing the idea of the overcrowded.
I also researched a lot and I made a piece called My Rosetta stone, where I looked up the most stereotypical names in Cairo. It was a list of 10 names which I fitted in the drawing, the names are there repeated a lot of times but the viewer is not supposed to be able to read them and that is why I made them hard to read. With this work I am passing the message that the people were so many, a name does not say anything about a person in the end and especially if you don't know the name too things get "overcrowded".
Some of the drawing are based on a focal point of a circle in the middle of the paper which represents a square (Tahrir square=political,meeting point), a market, a meeting point of all the different people living in Cairo.
I also experimented with the density and the sizes of the circles in order to create a volume in some drawings.
In other drawings I played with the metaphore of the "unfinished", since most of the overcrowded building of Cairo were unfinished. (2).png
Bird-eye view of Cairo (2).png
My Rosetta stone (3).png
A square, a group, an individual (3).png
Changing the size
The empty Rosetta stone (2).png
Order in the chaos (2).png
People full of buildings - Buildings full of people (3).png
Counting the uncountable