Being very interested of the past of my family I collected a big amount of old photos we had. This is a serie that I started being based on the painting lessons of the 2nd semester. I collected photos that were as old as from the 1915. It was a very fruitful experience because I studies carefully the shadows and contrasts of the photos in order to depict them and I also learnt more about my family's past. This is defenitely a project that I will continue since the photos I found were more than 20, but I managed to make 3 until now.

An amazing example is a polaroid photo I found from a realtive taken in the 1918, he was wearing his army uniform (Close to the end of the WW1) and he sent that polaroid photo to his mother saying:
"Taken in the sun, looking awful. But you will get an idea of my today's bad-looking face." -Stelios. family photooo.png family photo.png